is "hang loose" in the mountains. It's a lifestyle and a mindset.  We are an online media series celebrating the ALPINE life, created by Front Galley Productions LLC. Our goal with KEEP IT ALPINE is to promote a healthy lifestyle through experiencing the outdoors and following Leave No Trace principles.  Studies show that being immersed in nature for three or more consecutive days has a tremendously positive effect on physical and mental health.  We all need less time with our phones, and more time with ourselves, our friends, and the present moment.  Together we can enjoy and preserve the wilderness so that future generations can take joy in the same wilderness experiences that have such an impact on our lives. So get out there, and KEEP IT ALPINE!

Mt. Whitney Summit

Mt. Whitney, 2019

San Jacinto 2019

San Jacinto, 2019

"The power of immagination makes us infinite." - John Muir